Monday, April 28, 2014

New Orthodox Books for Spring

The Forgotten Faith: Ancient Insights for Contemporary Christians from Eastern Christianity
by Fr. Philip LeMasters
Here's what Amazon says: "There's more to Eastern Christianity than ethnic food bazaars, enclaves of immigrants, and clergy with beards. The mystical theology, spiritual disciplines, and rich liturgical worship of the Orthodox Church provide sustenance for anyone seeking resources for growth in the Christian life. Ancient teachings and practices persist in Eastern Christianity that hold together much of what Catholics and Protestants have separated. Believers of all stripes increasingly resonate with Orthodoxy's healthy synthesis of prayer, doctrine, liturgy, asceticism, and call to holiness in all areas of life. This ancient faith speaks with refreshing clarity to contemporary Christians who want to learn from a living tradition that is too little known in Western culture. This volume presents profound insights that will enrich, challenge, and inspire readers of all backgrounds. It invites everyone to encounter a spiritual tradition that is ancient, contemporary, and fascinatingly different."

Sounds like a great book for newcomers to the faith, those curious about Orthodoxy, or even established Orthodox who want to connect more with tradition.

And you can also listen to an interview with Fr. Philip LeMasters about his book here!

Help! I'm Bored in Church: Entering Fully into the Divine Liturgy
By David Smith
Here's what Amazon says: "Do you ever find yourself feeling bored in church? Don't despair you're not alone, and there is hope! Fr. David Smith offers four compelling reasons for going to church regardless of how we feel. He then explores six reasons people sometimes feel bored in church, five ways to think about your priest, four ways you can participate more fully in services, three kinds of waiting, two kinds of prayer, and the one thing truly needful in our relationship with God. This book will help you see church as the best place you could possibly be and the place you most want to be."

Is this you? Don't despair. This book talks about church boredom and gives suggestions for re-energizing your participation in Liturgy. 

Earn Credits!
You can earn two credits each for reading the books, and one credit for listening to the Fr. Philip LeMasters interview. For the books, read, then fill out the General Worksheet for Books. For the interview, fill out the Podcast Worksheet. Then email your work to else10(at)gmail(d0t)com for credit. It's easy!

May your Spring reading and listening be especially blessed.

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