Thursday, February 21, 2013

Letter on the Plight of Syrian Christians from Metropolitan Saba

A Letter from Metropolitan Saba of Bosra-Hauran + February 2013

His Eminence Metropolitan Saba of the Archdiocese of Bosra-Hauran in Syria writes to Dn. James Kallail on February 8th, 2013:
Dear Dn. James,
I hope my words find you and all the church of the diocese very well.
We as Syrians and especially Christians are living in a very critical time. The tragedy in my country is terrible. The conflict is not just internal one but it is the conflict of the new world poles on my country land.
The archdiocese is not so bad until now (in comparison of Homs and Aleppo). I cannot guess what may be happened after one hour or tomorrow. So we still living by God's protection. He is our only refuge.
The archdiocese is two parts now: Hauran and the mountains.
I cannot visit Daraa since 13 months ago. The last visit to Izraa was in the first week of the last holy Lent. The roads are not safety because many groups of Al-Qaeda (from all the world countries) who are fighting the Syrian army. They want to establish Islamic regime in Syria. The majority of our parishioners had left Rakham village after killing two men of them. While all the parish of Maarbe are living in different villages as refugees (8 families of them are living in Bethany monastery of Kharaba). Maarbe is a center of two groups: Al Qaeda and the free army, while many of gangster groups kill, kidnap and steal cars and houses. While Khraba is in danger because of some armed groups who have no leader or source. Also 600 Moslem refugees are living in the parish halls of its churches since the last summer. They are from Maarbe.
The Arabic and Western media are making events not transmitting. There is a real media war against Syria.
The project of the diocese stopped but thanks be to God not destroyed. St. Paul host, the campus of Daraa, the nursery and the pastoral activities do not work any more. Alsweda is in peace in comparison to Daraa so the only project is still working is the campus there. Its income is the only we have during the last two years. I could add some apartments in the last year by the donations of Hauran Connection and some other friends. Its capacity is 140 students now.
We still hope that our country can overcome this global crisis. While the process of the Patriach election gave the people more hope that God does not want his church to be kicked out the mother Antioch land.
Thank you for what are doing for us in the diocese. Please do not forget us in your prayers.
My thanks and love to every sister and brother in Wichita diocese.

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